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The Battles We're Fighting to Assure Election Integrity

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

The Case For Organizing the Eight Systems of Election Integrity in Your County

How The Left Plans To Seize Control of Our Local Election Offices

The Federalist: Yes. Biden Is Hiding His Plan To Rig the 2022 Mid Term Election

Wake County Election Director and State Board of Election Sued for Unconstitutional Retaliation Against Election Observer

NC Board of Elections Launches Attack on Poll Observers

NC State Board of Elections Blocks Use of Signature Verification on Absentee Ballots

Judge Orders on Voter Assistance for Disabled Voters

Felons Can Now Vote!

Who the Hell is ERIC (and Why Is He In My NC State Budget?)

Limiting the Damage to House Bill 103 from ERIC (Every legislator, R & D - in Raleigh voted for this monstrosity. The 4 Senators that didn't were absent.

Action Alert issued before the Passage of NC Budget: Tyrannical Overreach in Session that Republicans Vote For. Don't Remain Silent!

These are the Eight Systems that the Left has successfully infiltrated. WE have remained absent until now. A deafening silence. Virginia turned their state around in 2021 by organizing each county with eyes on every one of these systems. Will you answer the call for NC or remain silent?


See what else is happening.

Take Action!

NCEIT Team Commentary on NCSBE Proposal for Temporary Rulemaking T

Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting – Right Now!

Election Heroes Are Stopping Fraudulent Voting – The Postal Service Was In On It

Molly Hemingway from The Federalist and Cleta Mitchell talk about having free and fair election again and how it’s going to happen.

Help Prevent Absentee Ballot Voter Abuse in Care Facilities

New Organization Trains Volunteers to Make Elections More Secure – NCEIT! Top Activists Across the Nation fighting back

NCEIT Director, Jim Womack, Tells What NC is doing to duplicate the 2021 VA Election Success. On

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