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NC State Board of Elections Blocks Use of Signature Verification on Absentee Ballots

July 14, 2022

"As noted by N.C. Attorney General Josh Stein in 2018, "[...] the bulk of voter fraud occurs absentee, and there's nothing to do with ensuring that the person voting absentee is who they say they are." By specifically prohibiting signature-match verification on absentee ballots, the State Board has neutered the County Boards of Elections ability to mitigate potential fraud where the risk of fraud is highest. The People of North Carolina deserve far better."

So, what's wrong with this picture? The NC General Assembly creates election law, not the NC State Board of Elections or the judiciary.

NCGOP Chair Michael Whatley: "We are stunned that the Democrats on the State Board of Elections are blocking the use of signature verification on absentee ballots," said Chairman of the N.C. Republican Party Michael Whatley. "This misguided decision is a direct contradiction of state law, which is clear that County Boards of Elections are required to validate the identity of absentee voters. The North Carolina Republican Party will explore every option at our disposal to restore voter signature verification as an essential component of our County Boards' efforts to protect the integrity of North Carolina elections.”

So where is the legislature? Make this an election issue. Ask you reps or candidates about this issue when they come to see you to ask for your vote and support.


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