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New organization trains volunteers to make elections more secure - that's NCEIT!!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The North Carolina Election Integrity Team (NCEIT, pronounced “insight”) seeks to fill that gap by training election observers and other election integrity leaders throughout North Carolina.

To help push that effort along, the Election Integrity Network hosted the North Carolina Statewide Election Integrity Summit in partnership with NCEIT and other state and national organizations (including the John Locke Foundation) on June 10–11 in Raleigh.

We had the opportunity to observe how summit leaders trained volunteers on how to build election integrity infrastructure in their communities. The summit included training, building grassroots teams to hold elections officials accountable, and researching left-wing groups that have integrated themselves within the State Board of Elections and county election boards. It also included training on effectively filing election complaints and protecting vulnerable voters (such as nursing home patients) from absentee ballot fraud.

And, of course, the summit included election observer training. Participants learned how volunteers in the 2021 election in Virginia politely but firmly held elections officials accountable and how the “Virginia model” can be applied in North Carolina and elsewhere. Participants also practiced skits and various scenarios that observers have encountered, such as dealing with aggressive poll workers.

NCEIT has already conducted training sessions across North Carolina to train volunteers to create local teams that will further train election observers and other election integrity volunteers in their communities. If you want to be part of the election integrity solution in North Carolina, you can contact them to see when a training session will be in your area.


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