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Vulnerable Voters Task Force #5

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Vulnerable Voters: Task Force #5: Purpose of the Meeting

Give you the tools and resources you need to address the needs of Vulnerable Voters in your county and to help you to organize your local group

What do I need to know to be effective in protecting the vote of the most vulnerable among us? What resources do I have? How do I get started? How many do I need in my county to have a Vulnerable Voters Task Force?

Agenda Meeting 1

1) Welcome: Jane Bilello Host

2) Introductions: Your Name and County

3) Have you joined NCEIT so you can get into the site to communicate with us? Us

4) Who are the Vulnerable Voters in the Eight Systems of Election Integrity that the Left has successfully infiltrated and exploited?

· Senior citizens in assisted living facilities and nursing homes

· People in group homes

· The disabled and physically handicapped voters v. Homeless and other voters susceptible to being taking advantage of by political operatives

· New citizens and voters in immigrant communities

We need to be proactive if we are to protect the vote by reclaiming the election processes that have been hijacked by the Left.

5) How do I pre-empt the Left from exploiting Nursing Homes/In Home Care/Disabled

The following information is designed to help you get organized in your county and region for Vulnerable Voters.

6) Questions to be addressed

What is the background for voter fraud in nursing homes, the handicapped, military ballots?

7) How do I report nursing home fraud and abuse in NC?

To report fraud and abuse in state licensed facilities, agencies and nursing homes, contact the North Carolina Division of Health Service Regulation.

8) How do I join a MAT Team? (Multipartisan Assistance Team) What they are/How they operate: . You need to sign up at your local Board of Elections. Do it now so you are ready for November even if you are a UNA.

9) Why should I join a county Nursing/Adult Care Home Advisory Committee and/or Advisory Council on Aging, Regional Council?

10) How do I join my county Nursing/Adult Care Home Advisory Committee and/or Advisory Council on Aging Regional Council. This is how you do it:

1) Search the website for your local County Board of Commissioners.

2) Click on the link for Citizen Participation

3) Scroll down the page and click on one or both: Advisory Council on Aging and Nursing /Adult Care Home Community Advisory Committee

4) Make contact with the Contact Person. Sign up to join one or both councils. You will probably be sent an Application for Appointment to County Boards & Committees. Fill it out and mail it. Once approved, you will then have access to the facilities to attend patient/family meetings to discuss patient rights and caution against ballot exploitation. (There are education seminars that they will ask you to attend. Meeting are usually every month or every

Info on absentee ballots

See 163-229. Absentee ballots, applications on container-return envelopes, and instruction sheets.

What is the process of handling Military Ballots?

11) Handling of Overseas & Military Voters:

If you will set up a Vulnerable Voters Team in your county, let me know. We will set up your County on the NCEIT Task Forces where you will have a secure and private space to communicate and share info, conduct your own meetings, and communicate with the State Task Force, etc.

Contact or call me at 209 986 3845

Thank you for caring! Jane Bilello, NCEIT Board


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