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Found it! NC Elections Administrative Code: What the NCSBE Doesn't Want You To Find

The elections administrative code for NC is very, very hard to find. If a private company selling goods made it this difficult to find products, they'd be out of business before they started! The government is pretty useless. The BOE doesn't want you to find The Administrative Code on their website so they buried it under pages and pages. Hmmm!

At a Board of Elections meeting in Henderson County, our group asked for the Administration Code for the chain of custody for seals on the absentee ballots. They refused us and they refused a Board of Election Member. Really! What are they hiding?

Enjoy! Be armed with the facts. Just follow the steps below:

In your search engine, type in

Click on About Elections on the right side of the page.

Click on the Box labeled, Legal Resources;

On the right side of the page, click on Election Law Index:

Click on NC Administrative Code Title 8 (bottom of the list)

On the upper left of the page, you will see NCAC > Title 08 - Elections. The page lists 21 chapters of administrative code on elections.

Type in Election Observers in the upper search bar or scroll down the page to Chapter 20.

Also, take a look at all of the Chapters. There is information to help you with the Eight Systems of Election Integrity. Be armed with the facts when you Observe, go to the Board of Elections, join a MAT team, or go to the post office about absentee ballots, or question voting equipment, etc.

Get organized in your county on the Eight Systems of Election Integrity. Put Eyes Everywhere. Shine the Light so they can't cheat! This was we never have another 2020 again.

Citizens Guide To Building an Election Integrity Infrastructure by Cleta Mitchell


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