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Public Records Records for CSSE - Committee for Safe and Secure Elections

Submit a Public Records request to STOP the Threats to Poll Workers from the Left and DHS. They are targeting the BOE. You can stop this by exposing them. .

To: ________, Director Board of Elections

__________ County Board of Elections Members

Address: __________

Date: _______

From: Your name


Organization your represent – if applicable.

Dear BOE Director’s Name,

Pursuant to the North Carolina Freedom of Information Act, releasable under the provisions of NCGS § 132-1. Public Records, I am requesting the following information.

Please provide me with an electronic copy of any correspondence, including, but not limited to, letters, emails, faxes, phone call notes, meeting notes, grant applications, grant offers, grant contracts, between anyone associated with

· The Committee for Safe & Secure Elections (CSSE)and anyone in the Henderson County Board of Elections office, the Electoral Board, governing body, or other municipal employees, appointees and elected officials.

Time frame - 1/1/2022 thru Present.

Thank you,

(Your Name)

Cc: Board of Elections Members


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