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CSSE: New Threat to Poll Workers. A Call To Action!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

New "Threat to Poll Workers" at the Citizens Research Project meeting.

Submitted by Ned Jones

Link to NC Public Records (FOIA) Request for leftist grant money and the CSSE- Threat to Poll Workers:

Read on ... Last week, an electoral board member in a southern state attended an annual conference for a statewide association of election officials. I (Ned Jones) received several emails during the conference about the extremely disturbing presentations that were being made. The "Keynote" address was given by Neal Kelley, former Registrar of Voters in Orange County, CA, and the current chairman of the Committee for Safe & Secure Elections (CSSE) (link below). In his speech, he focused on the Left-wing false narrative of threats against election officials, using terms like "Election Deniers" and "Domestic Terorism", and described a Five Step Plan for election officials to work with law enforcement. During his presentation he played a staged video (link below) from R Street about the "Threats". He also talked about election officials working with Fusion Centers that are connected to DHS. His most disturbing recommendation was for election officials to work with DHS by sending them a list of their poll workers, so DHS can research social media and scrub the list. DHS would then have information on Conservative poll workers who could be targeted as "Election Deniers" and "Domestic Terrorists", based on their social media, and removed as poll workers. This direct involvement with DHS is another attempt to intimidate and thereby reduce the number of Conservative poll workers. Here are links to CSSE (It doesn't always work), Fusion Centers and the staged R Street video.

The members of CSSE are election officials, law enforcement, EAC, and several Left-wing organizations. DHS Fusion Centers: Video: This was made by actors. It's a propaganda film to set us up as terrorists and threats to elections.

The members of CSSE are election officials, law enforcement, EAC, and several Left-wing organizations. Thomas Hicks from EAC was another speaker. He talked about a HAVA program, Help America Vote College Program, that was funded with a million dollar grant in the 2022 Omnibus Bill. The EAC is using this grant to recruit college students as poll workers. The Left-wing false narrative is that there is a nationwide shortage of poll workers. We know this isn't true as we can't get our poll workers hired in many locations. More federal tax dollars going after the college student vote! (My bold print.)

Here is the Citizens Research Project "Call to Action". Meet with your local election official, or file a FOIA/Open Records Request, if necessary, to learn as much as you can about any communications with CSSE, Fusion Centers, and DHS.

Every state has an association of election officials, and they all have an annual convention. Another call to action is to find out if CSSE and EAC made, or are making, a presentation at the annual convention in your state. This involvement with DHS and EAC with poll workers, and what we already know about the involvement of the DOJ and the FBI in our elections, is very alarming. (My bold print.) Thank you. Ned Ned JonesDeputy Director Election Integrity Network Virginia Institute for Public Policy 804-337-9966

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