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  • What is Wrong with ERIC? ERIC Hopeful Breaking News in What is ERIC? -ERIC sounds like it is a government agency. It is not. ERIC is a private entity. -ERIC does not require states to inform ERIC if any submitted names are non-citizens and thus ineligible advantage of ERIC’s database.

  • ERIC Unmasked and Imploding!

    Game Changer: 3 + 2 and 2 more have pulled out of the Electronic Registration Information Center - ERIC ERIC's DC Headquarters is an office shell. All of this is good news for election integrity. /

  • ERIC Headquarters in DC: MIA!

    EMPTY headquarters of ERIC. visit to the published address of the headquarters of the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC “What I found was that there was no ERIC headquarters at that address. There were no employees. There was no ERIC presence of any kind. What it was missing was people, servers and any sign of the ERIC team.”

  • ERIC – THE EPICENTER OF VOTER FRAUD ERIC – THE EPICENTER OF VOTER From the very first, I tagged ERIC as a backbone of the Steal. Every rock overturned has ERIC beneath it. ERIC was off limits. It’s title, “Threats to Election Integrity” ERIC-CEIR-REVERE.

  • Wisconsin: ERIC Violates Federal HAVA Act

    ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center, violates the federal Help America Vote Act, HAVA “I don’t think ERIC was honest from the beginning. That’s the problem.” Kaardal pointed out that the argument that the state government needed ERIC to track people was absurd Even so, he said ERIC is failing to clean the rolls. “They are not doing a good job.” He is reported to play an active role in ERIC.

  • NC Bill To Repeal Participation in ERIC HB 396 H D HOUSE BILL DRH40110-ST-20 Short Title: Repeal Participation in ERIC agreement, 10 membership, or other participation in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC

  • Here’s A Look Into Popular Voter Database ERIC’s Left-Wing Origins

    New details surrounding ERIC’s origins show there is no denying it was developed to help leftists win Information Center (ERIC), an interstate voter roll maintenance organization with ties to Democratic Yet their reporting fails to mention ERIC’s ties to left-wing get-out-the-vote operations. But new details surrounding ERIC’s origins, unveiled by Restoration of America and good government group /2023/04/03/heres-a-look-into-popular-voter-database-erics-left-wing-origins/

  • Our NC Senators Shut Down ERIC! Thank Them!> Date: September 20, 2022 at 06:36:25 EDT To: Jim Womack <> Subject: Fwd: ERIC Kevin Corbin <> Subject: RE: ERIC/State Budget Karen Brinson Bell Dobbs Building (ERIC). The bill specifically provides funds for the State's membership in ERIC. (ERIC), and a subsequent mailing to affected individuals by the State Board of Elections to improve the as follows: If the State's continued membership in the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC

  • Rino Secretary of States are finally yielding to grass roots pressure on ERIC.

    “Last week, when Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger publicly supported ERIC after it was tossed The Raffensperger Challenge is the application of Fractal analysis to any entity that currently uses ERIC Brad Raffensperger says anyone outing ERIC is "extremist." secretaries of state of Iowa and Ohio...This week, we finished the first Raffensperger Challenge — in ERIC ERIC doesn't.”

  • Who the hell is ERIC? (And WHY is he in my state budget?)

    , that the group ERIC) will not be removed from the state budget. More information and evidence is coming regarding ERIC ties to the radical Left. “No state has the capacity to do what ERIC does,’’ Merrill said. “No state has the financial resources to do what ERIC does. Allen is not the only one concerned with ERIC.

  • Report Critical of Group Managing Voter Rolls in 33 States - ERIC

    New Jersey and Massachusetts joined ERIC in August. He also founded and is still a board member of ERIC. While non-ERIC states removed an average of 2.3 percent from voter rolls, ERIC states removed an average ERIC’s website states that it has handled 56 million voters. Although ERIC is required to protect personally identifiable information, the report documents how ERIC

  • It’s Official: Texas Resigns from Democrat Operative-founded ERIC Voter Registration System-

    2023 / It’s Official: Texas Resigns from Democrat Operative-founded ERIC Voter Registration System- 9 States notifying the Electronic Registration Information Center, Inc. know that they were resigning from the ERIC March, The Gateway Pundit reported that Missouri, Florida, and West Virginia also were withdrawing from ERIC here.

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