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Wisconsin: ERIC Violates Federal HAVA Act

(Sept 11, 2022) Attorney Erick Kaardal laid out a compelling case that Wisconsin’s participation in ERIC, the Electronic Registration Information Center, violates the federal Help America Vote Act, HAVA. (Go to video 22:00). In Kaardal's Sept. 8 testimony before the Wisconsin Assembly (state legislature) Committee on Campaigns, the special counsel to the Thomas More Society demonstrated that federal law unequivocally prohibits states from farming out access to their voter rolls, let alone to opaque, third-party nonprofits.

“I don’t think ERIC was honest from the beginning. That’s the problem.” Kaardal pointed out that the argument that the state government needed ERIC to track people was absurd. “This is the Wisconsin state government. We’re going to say we can’t track people?” He pointed out the state’s proven track record in collecting taxes.

“Some things are better done by oneself even if done badly,” he explained, like dressing and feeding oneself. Even so, he said ERIC is failing to clean the rolls. “They are not doing a good job.”

Kaardal cited ERIC’s ties to George Soros and David Becker’s Center for Election Innovation Research (CEIR), which received $69 million in Zuckerbucks in the runup to the Nov. 2020 elecitons. Becker, a far left activist who has had ethics charges filed against him, founded ERIC while employed at PEW Research. He is reported to play an active role in ERIC.

“Anything is better than sharing with ERIC,” Kaardal said to positive reception from the committee.


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