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Rino Secretary of States are finally yielding to grass roots pressure on ERIC.

MerlinMar 27, 2023, 10:32 PM (10 hours ago) to [from the Grant Noble newsletter] Little Donny can talk about ballot harvesting but this is the biggest issue in politics---eliminating illegal voters. “Last week, when Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger publicly supported ERIC after it was tossed out of Florida, West Virginia, and Missouri, we issued the Raffensperger Challenge. The Raffensperger Challenge is the application of Fractal analysis to any entity that currently uses ERIC. This week, we finished the first, in Washoe County, Nevada. Brad Raffensperger says anyone outing ERIC is "extremist." Today, two more extremists joined in: the secretaries of state of Iowa and Ohio...This week, we finished the first Raffensperger Challenge — in ERIC "cleaned" Washoe County, Nevada…Let's go there. This is a county with about 600,000 people on the voter rolls...We compared the address on the tax roll with the names and addresses on the voter roll: People registered in vacant lots: over 4,200 Registered in hotels: over 2,000 Registered in parking lots: over 2,500 Registered in R.V. parks: 1,600” By the way, it was underperforming in “Republican” Washoe County that cost Adam Laxalt his race. The Rinos who hated him made sure he lost by ignoring the naked fraud in that county. “...For every address in America, every single one, we can know with precision: This address cannot receive mail (vacant lot, field). This address can receive mail but not a ballot (bank, insurance company). This address can receive mail, and a ballot, but it cannot receive a ballot for Jim Smith because Jim does not have his apartment number on his voter registration record. Welcome to the Undeliverable Ballot Database. “Like it or not, the world of mail-in ballots is upon us. State after state is registering 16-year-olds, and the registration becomes active when they turn 18. Every vagrant in every homeless shelter has at least one registration. We found, in Michigan, some people with 17 registrations. The issue in 2024 is "who can receive a mail-in ballot?" The presidency of the most powerful country in history rests on a single question: who can get a mail-in ballot? Well, now we know. ERIC doesn't.” I am glad to see the (mostly) Rino Secretary of States are finally yielding to grass roots pressure on ERIC. But that needs to be followed up with every Republican election official in the country to purge their voting lists. Just cleaning up the cheat in the Republican areas could make all the difference for President and the U.S. Senate next year. If Trump had a clue, he would be thumping this issue every chance he could get. But either he is too ignorant to be President or deliberately trying to keep the system crooked for the Uniparty. I am glad to see that many conservative leaders are pushing back on his call to protest his “arrest”. Let’s see if anything happens this week. He may have walked into a trap to make him look foolish once again.


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