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Watch: Jackson County BOE Tried To Explain Double Counting of Mail In Ballots!

Posted December 13, 2022

The video with the Jackson County Board of Elections members trying to explain what happened with the double counting of mail in ballots!

Attached is Keith Blain's request. Lisa Lovedahl is the JC Director of Elections and Kirk Stephens is the chair of the JCBOE. I have not received back a response from my email 3 weeks ago.

Request for Election Information from Keith Blaine, Mon, Nov 21, 2022 at 5:39 PM

To: Lisa Lovedahl - ELECTIONS , Cc: "Rep. Mike Clampitt"

Hi Lisa and Kirk,

Thanks for providing an update on the duplicate counting of the mail in votes and responding to questions from our community. Just wanted to check to see what the next steps are to determine how the duplicate counting occurred. I sincerely appreciate being informed on what occurred, but I believe we need to know how it occurred. I would also like to request a copy of the precinct poll tapes for Election Day, the zero tapes at the beginning of election day, and the closing tapes. Again, thanks for your transparency on what occurred on Election Day.

Thanks, Keith Blane 828.331.762


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