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Verify Absentee Ballot Voters on the NCSBE Data Base

No need for a Public Records Request (FOIA) to see absentee ballot containers/envelopes. You can search NCSBE data base for absentee ballot voters to verify their addresses on your Watch List.

Scroll down.

Find your county and click on the file.

The spread sheet data contains the names and addresses of absentee voters who have been tabulated through the machine. (Remember, every ballot is retrievable.)

Check the names and addresses against your Watch List. Each week you need to re-check this file for new absentee ballots that have been delivered to your local BOE and tabulated.

Not sure if your county has a Watch List? Join the List Maintenance team at Member Resources/Local Task Forces/List Maintenance

Contact Herschel Johnson at

Each Tuesday between now and election day, your local county Board of Elections meets.

Check your local BOE for time and location. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ATTEND.

This is #1 on our Election Integrity Task Forces. They need to know we are monitoring.


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