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Foundation Maps site: Who's Funding Those Leftist 501c3s ...

Foundation Maps here. Keep clicking on the tabs. The layers tell the horrid story.

Charts: Compare funding for different activities by selecting from the subject areas drop-down or scrolling to view all categories. Click on a bar or number to view a grants list.

Map: Visualize funding flows by recipient location (purple bubbles) or foundation location (orange bubbles). Select a bubble for a summary view. Select foundations, recipients, or grants for more information.

List: View and sort foundation, recipients, and grants data in table form. Select details for more information.

Advanced Search: Type in a particular location or subject area to see funding in a region and/or for specific fields of interest.

Constellations: Generate a hub-and-spokes view of a universe of funders and recipients. Refine your search by selecting from the criteria in the top navigation.


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