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Public Records for USAEE

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Public Records Request for The U S Alliance for Election Excellence (USAEE). Copy/Paste into a clean email sheet and fill in your information. From: ____ County North Carolina Election Integrity Team (NCEIIT) Your Name Address: _________ To: _______ County Board of Elections Date: ___________ Attention: (BOE Director________) CC Your County Board of Elections members. Their emails should be on your county website) Subject: Request for Public Records for the U S Alliance for Election Excellence (USAEE) Pursuant to the North Carolina Freedom of Information Act, releasable under the provisions of NCGS 132-1, Public Records, I am requesting the following information. Please provide me with any correspondence, including, but not limited to, letters, emails, faxes, phone call notes, meeting notes, grant applications, grant offers, grant contracts, scholarship applications, scholarship offers, scholarship contracts between anyone associated with The U S Alliance for Election Excellence (USAEE) and anyone in the office of___________Director of ________ County Board of Elections, the Electoral Board, governing body, or other municipal employees, appointees and elected officials. I am requesting this documentation be provided to me at no charge in an electronic format that is commonly machine readable (sucH as pdf, jpg, etc.) and in a common media form such as email, thumb drive or DVD disc. Time frame: 1/1/2022 to the present. Thank you. Your name Your Email: Your Phone:


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