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Problem with NC Bill Banning Private Money to BOE's

3/14/22 Jane: I didn't see anything here that bans BOEs from accepting scholarships as they are doing in Forsyth and Brunswick. S89 (No Private $ in Elections)- Support

NCEIT County Coordinators submitted public records request. The BOE’s in both turned down grant. CT & Utan did the same. Bad news: Left doesn’t give up. BOE's will participate by becoming members of the Alliance/CTCL and accept scholarships (U.S. Alliance for Election Excellence/Center for Tech & Civil Life.) BOE members in Forsyth and Brunswick accepted the scholarship money instead! (This all started when Cooper vetoed NC’s Anti-Zuck Buck bills. A BOE member in Forsyth sits on the Board of CTCL.) focused on reshaping election offices while thwarting meaningful oversight and public accountability.”

Ned: Georgia is working on a strong revised statute. Hearing on- line at 1 PM today. (3/14/23)

On Tue, Mar 14, 2023, 12:49 PM Jim Womack <> wrote: Please advise which state has the best language prohibiting leftist influence in our elections. Appears the draft NC bill is inadequate to address the trickery that CTCL is now using to get around the "no private funds" prohibitions.


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