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New Foundation for American Greatness

Updated: Feb 5, 2023

Tune in TOMORROW night to catch John Solomon’s Special Report filmed at Heritage Action’s premier event, Sentinel Summit!

Thursday night's program will feature exclusive interviews with some of Sentinel Summit’s guest speakers. Together, they discuss the New Foundation for American greatness.

Join us tomorrow night at 6:00 PM ET to hear from:

  • Gov. Kevin Stitt (OK)

  • Nicole Neily, Parents Defending Education

  • Walt Heyer, Author and Activist

  • Seth Gruber, White Rose Resistance

  • Ismale Morgan, Heritage Action Sentinel

  • Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action

WATCH TOMORROW TONIGHT: Wednesday, November 16 at 6:00 PM ET. How to Watch: >>> TV: Tune in to Real America’s Voice on cable TV >>> Facebook: View our Facebook page here >>> Twitter: Watch on our Twitter feed >>> Gettr: Stream live on Gettr page Without a strong foundation, nothing secure can be built. That is why if conservatives are to build America back up, we must be sure it is built on solid ground. Tune in tomorrow to hear about what that foundation should be. Jane Stracke Director of Grassroots Heritage Action for America

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