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NCSBE Setting up Poll Workers? Numbered Memo 2022 - 12

The NCSBE illegal rule changes to restrict poll observers and officials, were quashed by the NC RRC. However, that has not stopped them from instituting them anyway. Please read carefully. They need to be legally challenged.

From: Cox, Paul <> Sent: Friday, October 7, 2022 10:43 AM To: SBOE_Grp - Legal <> Subject: Numbered Memo 2022-12: Maintaining Order at the Polls Directors (via BCC): Please find attached and linked here Numbered Memo 2022-12: Maintaining Order at the Polls, from Executive Director Brinson Bell. This memo draws on and adds to prior “Conduct at the Polls” numbered memos that have been sent before previous statewide general elections. Please read the memo carefully and share guidance with your poll workers, as instructed in the memo. Key items that are new in this memo:

  • More detailed guidance on the authority in the law for county boards and poll worker site leads to maintain order at the polls.

  • Information on crimes and prohibitions involving interference with election officials, not just voters.

  • Additional discussion on working with law enforcement during voting, along with a link to the new Elections Reference Guide for North Carolina Law Enforcement. That guide is also attached. The State Board partnered with the North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association and the North Carolina Association of Chiefs of Police to produce the reference guide.

  • Additional examples of prohibited activities at the polls.

  • Additional guidance about observers, including discussion of the authority to reject appointed observers for good cause, which could include prior disruptive activity at the polls. The two-page observer guide is also linked in the memo. This is the same observer guide that was distributed for the May primary.

  • Instructions on documenting all polling place incidents on Incident Report forms, and the requirement to upload those forms after the election to the Secure FTP/Filezilla.

And as a reminder, if you want to access any of our August conference materials—which dealt with addressing disruptions at the polls, working with law enforcement, and de-escalation techniques—those are available on the Secure FTP/Filezilla at \Election_Administration\Training & Outreach\Conferences\2022 Summer Conference. Best regards, Paul Cox | General Counsel North Carolina State Board of Elections 430 N Salisbury street Raleigh, NC 27611 919.814.0700


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