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Lobby in Raleigh Thursday, May 18th. Directions here.

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Greetings and Welcome to Liberty First Grassroots Legislative Action Days (LFGLAD). NC & your local area benefits by your attendance today. Your presence today is our civic duty to petition our government and is a way to keep everyone accountable to a Constitutional Government.

Let’s get started and answer your first questions:

· Meet some of the area grassroots organizations as you visit their tables. Each organization has a message they want to share with your legislators.

· Find out who your legislator is by going to Or there is a master sheet at LFG Table for you to glance and find them as well.

· LFG Main table will have Map of the building, a list of House and Senate Legislators, their room & telephone number. Take one.

· With material in hand, you are ready to visit your legislator. They are either in a room with 4 digits 1001, or 3 digits 202. 4 digit rooms are in the legislative building facing Jones St., across from Bicentennial Plaza where you are standing. 3 digit room numbers are in the Legislative Office Building behind it. There is a walkway to and from the buildings.

· The first building on 16 W Jones St. (4 digit room numbers, map in hand) has lots of tables and chairs in 4 open lobby areas. If you need a spot to bring your plan of visiting your legislator together, this would be a great area to do that.

· SUGGESTIONS: You can familiarize yourself with legislators by visiting their fb page or website.

· PROCESS With Pen and Paper in hand, with a handout(s) from one of the groups, Name of your Legislator, Room number, you are ready. Once you are ready to enter the Legislator’s office, have your materials prepared with written comments, have a quick greeting and message ready to share. As you enter the office look at the office aide’s name on their desk and begin to share your message. “Hi, John/Sally, Rep ------- ----- is my House (or Senator)Representative and I would like to speak with them if they are available. (If they reply not available) then share this information with them. I’m very supportive (or not supportive) of blah blah. Please give them this information. I want to thank you and Rep or Senator Blah Blah for serving my district.” That is as simple as it can be and of course, keeping it graceful and non-confrontative you can go into more details regarding any of your concerns on issues. More in depth concerns can be written on the handout and left with the aide.

· Smile and connect with legislators and their staff. Being real and being friendly can break down barriers and make sure conversations start on the right foot.

· Follow up is a great step to keep the accountability growing between you and your legislator. Return home and begin to expand your knowledge with factual talking points for your next Legislative Action Day.

President Pro Tem of the Senate Phil Berger

16 West Jones Street, Rm. 2007

Raleigh, NC 27601

The officer elected by the Senate to preside in the absence of the Senate President and to exercise other duties set out in the Senate Rules.

Speaker of the House Tim Moore

16 West Jones Street, Rm. 2304

Raleigh, NC 27601-1096

Return often or add these dates to your calendar and Join Liberty First Grassroots bringing you new materials and updates as they track bills. They will be on the 2nd THURSDAY of the month from now til June.

March 9thThursday 10-3pm April 13th same time May 11th June 8th


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