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If you want to begin to heal the fracture between the GOP and the grassroots, vote for Jim Womack for NCGOP Chair.

Updated: Mar 30

It is my understanding that the NCGOP will be voting for a new NCGOP Chair next Tuesday, March 26, 2024, at the NCGOP Committee Meeting. I am urging you to please vote for Jim Womack.  You know Jim because he has worked diligently and successfully with the NC General Assembly to get election integrity legislation passed in S747 that addresses transparency, accountability, and citizen oversight in our elections. 


As GOP Chair of Lee County, Jim also far outperforms any of the other one hundred counties for fundraising each year.  (His resume in the private sector attests to his success.) The GOP is sucking on fumes because there is little faith in the honesty and integrity of the GOP leaders who don’t hold their elected officials accountable to the Republican Party platform and demonize their activists because they do. 


These grassroots patriots also have little regard for a Party that dismisses the stellar work of the North Carolina Election Integrity Team’s (NCEIT) efforts as ‘the other party’ when Jim has led the way to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat. NCGOP has done nothing to improve our election laws but takes great delight to take credit for NCEIT’s hard work.


These patriots feel disenfranchised and cheated.  The rigging of votes in the past conventions and anointing of establishment hacks adds to the glaring pile of disillusionment.  Will it be any different this time?


Unlike the NCGOP, Jim Womack as CEO of the North Carolina Election Integrity Team (NCEIT), has presented an annual legislative agenda to the General Assembly by attending meetings, giving testimony and motivating activists across the state to lobby.    


Last but not least, Jim has a huge following of grassroots voters who have either walked away from the local GOP or become unaffiliated voters, the largest block of voters in NC.  Want to begin to restore their faith?  


Jim Womack is THE Grassroots Conservative leader in this state. If you want to continue disenfranchising conservatives who are the activist wing of the Republican party, vote for the other guy. The GOP will continue to hemorrhage supporters. Guaranteed.  If you want to begin to heal the fracture between the GOP and the grassroots, vote for Jim Womack. If you want to work hand-in-glove with the true activists who will work with you to assure that we have free and fair elections and to continue to make North Carolina the model of election integrity in NC and across this nation, please vote for Jim Womack.  We need a great change. 




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