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Jim Womack's Resume

Updated: Mar 30

1615 Boone Trail Road

Sanford, NC 27330

Mobile: (919) 770-4783





              JAMES K. WOMACK


Jim Womack is a West Point graduate with over 40 years of scientific, engineering, and executive management experience across a broad spectrum of technology and business disciplines. He possesses a depth of public sector experience from his service in federal, state and local government agencies. He has extensive executive leadership and management experience in the private sector.  His employment experience includes strategic planning, business development, business unit management, client relationship management, executive -level consultation, and information systems architecture. 


Professional Experience

North Carolina Election Integrity Team (NCEIT)

Role: President & CEO                                                                                               01/22 – Present


Founder and President of the statewide election integrity organization in North Carolina, chartered and mentored by the national Election Integrity Network (EIN). Womack manages the team of over 1500 volunteer election Integrity (EI) staff (including poll observers, poll judges, poll workers and board of election members) committed to free and fair elections in the state.  Womack directs the NCEIT team’s activities in all eight lanes of voting and election integrity including-Maintenance of clean and accurate Voter Lists, Surveillance of Voting Machines & Technology, Protection of Vulnerable Voters, Monitoring of Absentee by Mail Ballot Processes, Statewide Training of Team Members, Organizing and Educating Local EI Task Forces, Audit of Election Processes and Outcomes, and Legislative Advocacy for Statutory Changes.  Womack is responsible for directing the creation and circulation of training resources so statewide volunteers operate within legal and administrative constraints in all elections.  He is responsible for improving state statutes within the constraints of the NVRA and HAVA.  He has authored more than a thousand statutory line-item changes for the NC General Assembly among more than two dozen related bills.  Womack also conceived and directed the development and subsequent implementation of two important automation suites that enable EI operations among the organization’s volunteers.  Womack chairs and manages the EIN National Working Group on Election Machines and Technology, and he is a cabinet member of the EIN National Working Group for Election System Audits.  He regularly collaborates with Congressional leaders and the Elections Assistance Commission to source and impact federal advisory and resource-related decisions.


Lee County Republican Party

Role: Chairman                                                                                                           03/17 – Present


Chief executive responsible for leading, directing, resourcing and administering the full range of political operations for Republicans residing in Lee County.  Interacts with the Congressional District and State Republican leadership as required to assist Republican candidates with their campaigns and to elect them to public office.  Manages a staff of 19 officers and an Executive Committee of 45 members.  Accomplishments include improving voter registration numbers and overall percentage in Lee County to convert the county from a heavy democrat county to republican leaning- as evidenced in the past two general elections in which Republicans won all contested races.  Raised unprecedented amounts of funds for the local party.  Top county among one hundred counties in the state for per capita GOP fundraising, raising $10 per registered republican, per annum, which is more than ten times the state average.  Maintained the state’s largest and most productive year-round headquarters for party activities, including a merchandise store, statewide headquarters for the Women for Trump movement, a dining room, meeting rooms, and a kitchen.


Independent Consultant                                                    

Role:   Executive Consultant for Enterprise Class Information Systems                       12/07 – Present


Independent collaborator and executive consultant to state Information Technology (IT) organizations and companies pursuing public sector healthcare IT business at state and local government levels.  Managed and directed proposal efforts including preparation of the software architecture, advised corporate leaders on risk mitigation strategies for various bid opportunities, and assisted in executive reviews of IT contracts.  Instrumental in Netsmart Technologies’ proposal effort that resulted in a $50M contract to implement an enterprise-wide mental health solution for Los Angeles County, CA.


State of North Carolina

Role: Chairman / Vice Chairman of North Carolina Oil & Gas Commission  07/12 – 12/22


Chairman of the NC Oil and Gas Commission (OGC), renamed from the state Mining and Energy Commission (MEC) in 2015; responsible for rulemaking and legislative coordination to facilitate North Carolina becoming an all-of-the-above energy producer.  Chairman of the previous commission from inception of the MEC (08/2012) through end of initial term (07/2014).  Elected as inaugural chairman of the OGC in May 2018 through August 2019.  Vice Chairman from August 2019 to December 2021, then again as Chairman through 2023.  Directed the commission’s rule-making committees and study groups in identifying and adopting industry engineering and environmental best practices for responsible shale oil and gas extraction in the state’s Triassic basins.  Served as the appointed representative to the MEC from the North Carolina Association of County Commissioners (NCACC).  Served also on the national (NACO) Energy, Environment & Land Use Steering Committee and as the Vice-Chairman of the Energy/Renewables Subcommittee.  Served on the (state) NCACC’s Environmental Steering Committee.   Womack also served as a charter member on the Board of Directors of America’s Counties for Energy Independence (ACEI).


Lee County, NC Government

Role:  County Commissioner                                                                                         12/10 – 11/14


Elected official responsible for executive oversight and approval of county-wide strategic plans, the $65M annual operations budget; the $100M capital improvement program, and administration of 325 employees among the county’s 12 departments.  Represented Lee County Government as a director on the regional Workforce Development Board and the local Economic Development Corporation.  


Netsmart Technologies                                                       

Role:   National Director for Public Health                                                                   10/06 – 11/07


Practice General Manager, Vice President and National Director for Netsmart’s Public Health Practice.  Responsible for thought leadership in the company’s public sector healthcare vertical.  Consulted with state and local government clients to identify client needs and to promote industry best practices and technology solutions that could be employed to solve public health information systems challenges. 

In addition, Mr. Womack:

§  Maintained executive relationships with 15 state clients of Netsmart Public Health

§  Managed Netsmart’s internal software product developments for clinical and practice management, electronic health records, and statewide vital records systems

§  Managed channel partnerships with leading COTS and Commodity software vendors

§  Directed staff development for 60 professional and technical staff across the Public Health practice

§  Was responsible for executive oversight of and external Quality Assurance over statewide public health projects.


Covansys Corporation, Public Sector Division (later Saber Corp, then EDS, now HP) Role:     Account Executive, Regional Manager, VP & Business Unit Manager       02/01 – 10/06

Account Executive for Covansys Public Sector information systems clients and projects throughout the Southeast U.S.  Mr. Womack maintained client relationships with public sector program and project managers, developed strategic business opportunities, reviewed and directed State- and local government engagements in mainframe, client-server, and Web application development. In addition, Mr. Womack:

§  Managed delivery for a team of 30 IT professionals and served as Delivery Executive for 10 project and staff augmentation accounts

§  Consulted with State Clients on enterprise systems development, web-to-enterprise integration, legacy systems maintenance and support, business intelligence, and a variety of contemporary regulatory challenges (including HIPAA, HAVA, PRWORA, Reed Act, and other Federal mandates)

§  Developed the business opportunity then wrote the winning proposal for a $42M enterprise health information system for the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.  Directed all sales and business development activities for this bid over a 15-month period.

§  Sold and managed over $25M in local business to the City of Raleigh and State of North Carolina while simultaneously managing the delivery activities of 30 subordinate staff in Raleigh.

Following acquisition by Saber Corp., served as Practice & Business Development Director and Vice President for the Enterprise Health Practice.  Responsible for thought leadership in the company’s public sector healthcare vertical.  Converted all Covansys Public Sector accounts over to Saber accounts as part of the corporate transition.  Consulted with state and local government clients to identify client needs and to apply best practices and technology solutions.   Managed Saber’s channel and commodity vendor partnerships for all healthcare related offerings.  Maintained direct oversight over all bid response efforts, acting as chief editor and proposal coordinator.


State of North Carolina, Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Role:          Public Health Systems IT Manager                                             09/99 – 01/01

Mr. Womack was Senior Departmental Information Systems Manager responsible for the design, development, testing, training and deployment of 14 legacy mainframe and client-server systems supporting the full range of public health business operations, statewide. In addition, Mr. Womack:

§  Managed and directed a staff of 20 information systems professionals in OS/390 CICS/Batch COBOL programming and legacy data management in DB2, IMS, and VSAM files

§  Directed n-tiered client-server development and maintenance for specialty staff in Public Health

§  Completed time-sensitive application implementations for Year 2000 and Current Procedural Terminology code conversions

§  Supported 3500 end-users and knowledge workers with transactional processing through Web- and TN3270-hosted user interfaces

§  Analyzed and directed implementation of Federally mandated Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) security, privacy, transaction and code-set features in all systems containing personally identifiable health information

§  Served as Senior Architect and Strategic Planner for design work on the State’s e-Government solution for an Enterprise Health Information System to accomplish HIPAA mandates and upgrade from antiquated legacy health systems.


State of Washington, Department of Social & Health ServicesRole:    Development Manager                                                                       07/98 – 08/99

Mr. Womack was Senior Manager responsible for developing and maintaining large-scale, federally-sanctioned, online transactional processing systems constructed around (legacy OS/390) ADABAS and Oracle database management systems. His scope included the Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (SACWIS).

§  Architected and directed n-tier, client-server development of 25 system modules in Delphi/Midas, hosted in a Win/NT server environment to improve economy and efficiency of transactions among the 3,000 end-users across the state.  Cut mainframe costs by 40% annually while substantially expanding the business functionality of the system

§  Directed the development, maintenance, and support of the Agency’s Enterprise Data Warehouse, engineered with an Oracle 8 RDBMS, and hosted on UNIX/AIX Servers

§  Directed the development of a heterogeneous (Web-accessible) transactional system to capture and manage all childcare training records for 18,000 facilities, statewide

§  Exceeded all (Federal) SACWIS and National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System requirements for data management and reporting

§  Converted all supported systems to meet Year-2000 compliance six months ahead of schedule, without external assistance

§  Received 1999 Departmental Award for Best Organization/Team. Helped Washington State IT officials secure national award as the nation’s “Most Digital State” in 1999.


Digital Force Consultants, Inc, Copperas Cove, TX

Role:    President and CEO                                                                                                06/97 - 07/98


Conceived, coordinated, and developed the strategic plan for creating the U.S. Army’s First Digital Installation. This Business Process Reengineering and Strategic Planning project was scoped to provide the Army’s largest garrison (Fort Hood, TX) with mainstream automation, networking, and telecommunications systems in meeting all Department of Defense Title X requirements for the early 21st Century.  Coordinated the plan among the 15 separate Divisions and Agencies at Fort Hood, organized a government-industry partnership, and developed a sound operational budget for execution of the plan over a three-year period. 


U.S. Army III Corps, Fort Hood, TX

Role:    Force Integration Director & Chief Technology Officer                                         04/95 - 06/97


Chief Technology Officer for U.S. Army III Corps with a soldier population of 40,000.  Performed strategic and operational planning for deployment and support of 17,000 Win/NT PCs and 1500 UNIX client workstations operating off the Campus Wide Area Network and numerous supporting Local Area Networks.  Executive staff official responsible for testing, evaluating, then deploying $95M of hardware and software for garrison and tactical use.  Modernized III Corps systems architectures with heterogeneous business applications, tactical local area networking, tactical video-teleconferencing, whiteboard, and Army Tactical Command and Control Systems.  Managed tactical systems deployments to five geographically dispersed installations.  Directed information systems training programs for 10,000 soldiers.  Directed a staff of 5 officers, 10 Army civilians, and 20 contract employees in reengineering staff control processes for tactical administration, logistics, intelligence, and operational services.  Awarded the Army’s Legion of Merit for superior service.




U.S. Army, Various Sites in U.S. and Middle East

Role:    Executive Manager and Commander                                                                       02/87 - 03/95


Served in successively more responsible leadership positions as an Army Senior Manager and Director.  During assignment as a Senior Systems Technology Officer at the Pentagon (1987-89), was called repeatedly as an expert witness before Congressional Committees and Department of Defense forums in support of the Army’s planning and budget process.  Awarded the Bronze Star and Meritorious Service Medals for distinguished combat leadership in Saudi Arabia and Iraq during Operation Desert Storm (1990-91). Organized, trained, and led the Army’s 1st Cavalry Division Headquarters Command. Managed continuous telecommunications, automation, and power distribution for three command post complexes, dispersed over 100 miles, despite harsh environmental and threat conditions.  Managed all communications complexes to provide 24x7 voice and data connectivity in a mobile tactical environment for 7 consecutive months.  Senior plans, operations, and training manager for a 3500-person combat Brigade (1992-93).  Course and Program Director of the Army’s 10-week Officer Basic Course at Fort Knox (1993-94).  Re-engineered the full spectrum of analog training into a Synthetic Training Environment, integrating virtual simulations and automation, to enhance outcome-based training experiences for 1200 students.  Chief executive and commander for a 560-man armored combat battalion (1994-1995). Directed a staff of 35 in executing the full range of training, operations, administration, and logistics.


U.S. Army, Various Sites in U.S. and Europe

Role:    Junior Staff Officer and Commander                                                                        06/77 - 01/87


Served in successively more responsible leadership positions as a junior staff officer and Commander.  Led a 30-man platoon and executive officer for a 110-man company at Fort Stewart, GA (1977-79).  Executive officer and Commander for a 110-man company, & Aide-to-Camp for a General Officer in Germany (1979-83); III Corps Staff Planning Officer and Staff Contingency Plans Officer for a 540-man unit at Fort Hood, TX (1984-87).






U.S. Army Command and General Staff College – Fort Leavenworth, KansasMaster of Military Arts & Sciences (Operations, Plans & Training), 1990

American Technological University – Killeen, TexasM.S. (Business Management), 1985

United States Military Academy – West Point, New YorkB.S. (Engineering), 1977



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