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Dealing with Henderson BOE After 7:30PM Election Night

Karen Hebb, the Henderson County BOE Director, has added new violations to the list.

Jane Bilello submitted electronically a cover letter and the Legal Letter - letter to the Chief Judge that members of the public may be coming to view the zero tapes in the AM, videotaping the poll tapes in the PM, and after 7:30 at the BOE to witness the vote count for absentee and one-stop. The letter to the Chief Judge includes the NC State Statutes, Administrative Code and Numbered Memos permitting the above.

Karen Hebb will deny you entry into the BOE at 7:30PM. (See below for details.)

This is what to do:

When you arrive at the BOE after 7:30PM, present the Legal Letter (same letter you presented at the precincts)

5. If you are denied seeing the tapes. Remember, do not lose civility! Stay calm and be polite. Ask when you can come back to image all the poll tapes/reports. This should be done as close to the election as possible. Some counties will allow imaging first thing the morning after the election. It’s possible that some Election Directors would agree to allow imaging of absentee poll tapes on election night if you put in a request prior to the election. (which was done.)

Janice Parker received an email on 11/7/22 from Karen Hebb: "She said it will be too busy and crazy to allow us to go in to the BOE at 7:30 to videotape all the poll tapes from early voting and election day, but to email her the next day and she will arrange a time to make that happen. She doesn't think it will be Wednesday because they'll be busy getting in supplies...probably Thursday."

6. If you are denied entry into the Board of Elections, do NOT try to go inside anyway. - Remain calm & video tape and/or audio record your interaction if possible - Upload to SEE SAY public reporting system - incident will be public, but personal info is confidential Remember, do not lose civility! Stay calm and be polite. The poll-worker is likely just doing what they were instructed to do. There will be a chance to remedy the issue the next day and image the tape then.

7. Let us know what happened asap by completing this