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Conservatives Win Triple-Header in One of America’s Bluest States

It has been 40 years since a Republican presidential candidate won Washington state. Today, Democrats enjoy a “trifecta” there, controlling the governorship and both chambers of the Washington State Legislature.

But despite Democrats’ firm grip on state government, conservatives just scored their own “trifecta” victory in the deep-blue stronghold.  

The conservative grassroots organization Let’s Go Washington collected 2.6 million signatures across the state on six ballot initiatives, which amounts to over 420,000 signatures per measure.  

In early March, under pressure to act on the Republ

ican-backed ballot initiatives, the Washington State Legislature enacted three of the six measures after holding hearings.  

The three measures, which become law within the next 90 days, will:

  • Remove restrictions on reasonable police pursuits.  

  • Give parents the right to examine their children’s classroom curriculum, books, and other materials, and grant parents the right to see their children’s school records. 

  • Bar the state, counties, cities, or other jurisdictions from implementing a general income tax. 



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