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Do the Legislators Know How Dirty Our Voter Rolls Are? How Could They Not!

The LEGISLATORS have REJECTED most List Maintenance suggestions for this session. Please contact them ASAP!;;;;;;; URGE the legislators to REQUIRE the State Board of Elections to: IMPROVE their method to locate then correct or remove voters who don't have a valid residential address in the voter registration system. URGE the legislators to CHANGE the Voter Challenge Law: ADD a Challenge Reason to 163-85(c) "Grounds for Challenge": (10) The voter's stated residential address is not a residential address. WHY make these suggestions?

  • There are voters who have ILLEGAL RESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES in NC's voter registration system. The Boards of Elections need to determine where these voters, if indeed they're real people, actually reside.

  • VOTER PHOTO ID... OPTIONAL?? Since there's an ID Exception Form for anyone who wants to use it, (which includes A NEW EXCUSE - "HECK, I DIDN'T KNOW I NEEDED TO SHOW A PHOTO ID"), no voters are required to show a Photo ID in North Carolina. Therefore, these invalid registrations can easily be used - or used again - to cast invalid ballots.


Issue: NCSBE Election System's Unsolved Problem with Mailbox Dwellers


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