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Updated: Mar 12, 2023

This is a new registration link, as of February 1, so be sure to register for the meeting. Once you have registered, you'll receive the Zoom link to join the meeting. Here are links to the Honest Election Project/John Locke Report about the top priority of our project, the "US Alliance For Election Excellence". Here's an excellent report about the "Alliance" from Real Clear Investigations. There are now 13 "Alliance Election Centers" (attached list) that we know about.. Three are in Zuck Bucs ban states. Dekalb in Georgia, a baned state, has received a $2,000,000 grant. At this time, the two locations in Utah have not received a grant, just the offer for membership in the "Alliance". The Alliance has a scheme with Membership Dues/Scholarships/Credits for Services to gain influence in Election Offices in every state, including states that have passed statutes to ban "Third Party Grants" (Zuck Bucs). We need to submit FOIA/Public Records Requests to every local Election Office and every state Election Department to get their communications with the "Alliance " partners (See attached Sample FOIA). I have attached the original outline for the Citizens Research Project that lists the "Partners" in the "US Alliance For Election Excellence" and the tools that we can use to document their infiltration into our Election Offices. I have also attached a listing of Left-wing, Non-Profits (not complete, there are many more) and the election entities that they have infiltrated. Be on the lookout for them. Here are a couple of the new Left-wing, Non-Profits that we have been discussing. US Digital Resources (Alliance Partner)? Replacing Konnech? The New Majority (CCP Influence in Elections) Exposed by Trevor Loudon The Institute for Democracy and Higher Education (Attached NSLVE Survey) College/High School Left-wing projects - Generation Citizen, Vote America, All In Campus Democracy Challenge Other targets - State Power Caucus (From remnants of ACORN) NGP VAN The Election Center Here's a link to the Heritage Report on Election Fraud that Peter Burke referenced during his presentation on the possible link between proven cases of voter fraud and Left-wing Non-profit groups. Best resources to use to find Form 990 for Left-wing, Non-profits, from Kristen Eastlick, Senior Vice President, Capital Research Center (Influence Watch). IRS: ProPublica: Guidestar (rebranding as Candid): Link to EAC Webinar - "Committee for Safe and Secure Elections" Left-wing false narrative. Link to EAC Webinar - Recruiting Poll Workers on College Campuses Be sure to report all your findings on the Citizens Research Project Report Page. Here's the link. Let me know if you have any questions. Thank you. Ned Ned JonesDeputy Director Election Integrity Network Virginia Institute for Public Policy 804-337-9966


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