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Citizens Guide to Building An Election Integrity Infrastructure

Updated: Jul 15, 2023

2023 Updated Guide here:

"Election integrity is an undertaking that required engagement and involvement year-round, year in and year out. It is not something to think about only the 30 days before an election.

This guide provides the overview of the tools that are needed in order to create that permanent engagement in the election process. Now is the time for all Americans to come to the air of their country; and that means become involved the the election systems near you."

The Guide features the seven steps for Election Integrity

The Local Integrity Task Force

Step One: Become a Presence In the Local Election Office

Step Two: Research Your Local Election Office

Step Three: Get Knee Deep In Voting By Mail and Absentee Ballots In Your County

Step Four: Become Part Of The Election Apparatus In Your County

Step Five: Cleaning Voter Rolls, List Maintenance

Step Six: Vulnerable Voters Plan

Step Seven: Eyes On The Voting Systems And Software

For more Election Integrity Resources, visit

The Election Integrity Network is a project of the Conservative Partnership Institute

You can join the network, subscribe to the podcasts.


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