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Brunswick: Demand Commishes Take Action Against 'Zuck Bucks.' Meeting 4/18/23

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Hello Brunswick County Supporters of Election Integrity, It is time to be fully engaged to stop the Zuckerbucks in Brunswick County. Now is the time for action! Background info: Recommend signing up for this website. Subject: Brunswick Democratic Party issues opposition to private money resolution

Heads up. The democrat liars will be at the BoE meeting on the 18th. WE NEED TO OUT NUMBER THEM!



Email all members of the BC BoE with your position on Zuckerbucks – AND – get as many people as possible (family, friends and neighbors) to do the same thing!

If you live in Brunswick County contact the Board of Elections members before April 18: Mr. Boyd Williamson(board chair): Ms. Sara Lavere (director of elections): Mr. Randy Pelton: Mr. Stuart Smith: Ms. Paula Clarity: Mr. Ed Lewis:

Plan on attending the BC BoE meeting in person or via the internet on Tuesday, 4/18/23 at 2:00pm in the Commissioners Chamber, Bolivia government complex. Go to to attend via the internet. GET EVERYBODY YOU CAN TO WATCH IT ON THE INTERNET.

MAKE A COMMENT AT THE MEETING: No official time limit (keep to a couple minutes). OPTION: Make a comment via the internet the morning of the 18th. Click on the agenda link and submit a comment. Sara will read your comment and you can watch her do it!

Share this message everywhere you can.

Thanks for actively supporting election integrity in BC!


Gary Ostby


810-241-4493 M


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