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Lobby NC NC House for Election Law Changes: July 17th 31st

Updated: Mar 25

The Senate Redistricting & Elections Committee has updated the Omnibus Election Bill S 747 but it still does not include Poll Observers or Cast Vote Records.

It appears that our NC General Assembly decided not to take the rest of July off after the 4th of July break because there is still so much we have given them to do! So, while we have more time, we're still going to run out of it to accomplish meaningful election law reform. That's why we need you to pick up the phone to continue to call. If you can get to Raleigh, please do to lobby in person.

This is where the rubber meets the road! PLEASE contact your folks in your orgnizations and ask them to mobilize for this final push to lobby our NC representatives.

Submitted by Jim Womack, NCEIT Director

Click on the links below for four documents:

1. The revised Legislative Contact List- all House Members who serve in leadership, House Rules Committee, or House Elections Committee. Click here.

2. The updated highlights of our analysis of Senate Bill 747 (Omnibus Elections Bill), awaiting House Action next week. Click here.

3. Talking Points for activists who make contact with legislators or their Legislative Assistants. Click here.

4. Senate Bill 747(edition3) if you need it for cross-reference. Click here.

We need a full court press on our top 30 legislators again next week, beginning July 10th, 2023. Their phones and emails ought to be pinging all day.

I will be contacting all 1070 of our NCEIT members to solicit their active engagement all next week. I pray you and your organizations will do the same. AMAC, and ETI are valued partners and I am confident their added help will be an important factor in our success.

I am planning to be walking the halls and visiting legislative offices throughout the month as necessary to meet with the Chairs of the said committees. I will make sure each and every influential legislator has our analysis in hand. I will keep you posted on what feedback we receive.

Let me know if you need anything further from the NCEIT team.

Warm Regards/

Jim Womack


(919) 770-4783


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