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Vulnerable Voters: Leftist Groups Invading HS and Colleges

The New Majority (CCP Influence in Elections) Exposed by Trevor Loudon

The Institute for Democracy and Higher Education (Attached NSLVE Survey)

Other research targets - State Power Caucus (From remnants of ACORN)

NEW - Agenda from meeting in Pasadena, CA - Left-wing presenters Here's a link to the Heritage Report on Election Fraud that Peter Burke referenced during his presentation on the possible link between proven cases of voter fraud and Left-wing Non-profit groups.

Best resources to use to find Form 990 for Left-wing, Non-profits, from Kristen Eastlick, Senior Vice President, Capital Research Center (Influence Watch). IRS:

Guidestar (rebranding as Candid): Be sure to report all your findings on the Citizens Research Project Report Page. Here's the link.


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