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Voter ID Exemption Form Public Records Request

This is a PRR seeking all public records for the number of voters and their names who requested Voter ID Exemption Form . Copy/Paste below into your email. Fill in the blanks with your county information. Copy/Paste into a 'clean' email.

Send to your BOE local Director and cc all of the board members. We need an electronic trail. Keep track of it, as your other public records requests, and make sure you get a response. Save the response. We need these for evidence. Send to me,



FROM: __________________________



TO: ______County Board of Elections

ATTN: ___________, Director



cc: Board of Elections Members



Pursuant to the North Carolina Freedom of Information Act, releasable under the provisions of NCGS 132-1, Public Records, I am requesting the following information.

SUBJECT: Request for the names and number of voters who requested and filled out a Voter ID Exemption form for the 2023 elections in _________ County.

  1. The period of interest for these records is the 2023 Election that includes early voting of all one stops and on election day in all precincts, ____________.

2. For any records found that are deemed non-releasable because of confidentiality or security restrictions, the County BOE’s response shall indicate the existence of those other records that are not releasable and identify all local officials who are authorized to review that documentation.

3. I am requesting this documentation be provided to me at no charge in an electronic format that is commonly machine readable (such as pdf, jpg, etc.) and in a common media form such as a thumb drive or DVD.

Thank you.




Email: _____________________

Tel. _______________________


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