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True the Vote is Keeping Identities Close

If the vote can’t be trusted then elections are worthless. True the Vote and election investigator Gregg Phillips have been working on this and recently made a presentation before the Arizona state Senate. But identities need to be protected. The media favors election tampering. Patience and careful deliberation is important. When Americans rise up, Washington DC and the media get scared.

True the Vote is tracking ballot activities

Both Maricopa and Yuma counties are involved in this. Several nonprofit organizations were involved in the production of “2000 Mules”.

The question was asked about the non profits involved in providing the fraudulent ballots but founder Catherine Engelbrecht said nope. The media needs to stay out of this.

Engelbrecht told the Arizona legislature, “When you have the level of accuracy that we do, you can assess what address you’re talking about and what organization is at that address. We would love to put that list out and let the chips fall where they may. But, there’s a ‘but,’ we also need law enforcement to be able to do their jobs.”

You might feel good about exposing them at the moment but it would do their cause no good. Engelbrecht continued, “We cannot get ahead of that, we just can’t. This is too important, and we have labored to the best of our ability to make every step as correctly as we can. While there would be a definite feel-good moment to put that out, we have a higher obligation – all of us do.”

True the Vote going one step at a time

Trump endorsed Kari Lake attended the event. She’s on board with keeping elections honest. Lake tweeted out recently “Thank you to True The Vote for EXPOSING these CRIMINALS.”

In spite of the government and media, True the Vote is proceeding. Engelbrecht said, “We are moving forward. I want my children and my children’s children to be able to vote in a country where the vote matters.”


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