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Their Last Gasp: NC Supreme Court Blocks Voter ID Over 'Discriminatory Intent'

North Carolina Supreme Court Blocks Voter ID Law Over ‘Discriminatory Intent’ - is their last gasp!

We knew this was going to happen before the new North Carolina Supreme Court justices were sworn-in.

Back in June, the United States Supreme Court ruled that NC Republicans may intervene to defend voter ID. So, this move by the progressive NC Supreme Court was no surprise. (We actually expected this in October. I guess they thought it would be so much more meaningful just before Christmas!) So, what next, you say?

We will have a majority conservative Supreme Court after January. At a public candidate forum in Asheville in October, I raised that very question knowing the currrent group of justices would try one more time to deny NC voter ID. Chuck Edwards and Trey Alken - our new Supreme Court justice - responded that the only way we get to hear Voter ID is to bring a new voter ID case to the Court. That happens when the North Carolina General Assembly brings that case. We will get this.

So, take a breath. This too will be added to the list of issues we bring to the NC General Assembly, thanks to all of your affidavits of election integrity violations.

It's been quite a year and this year will bring changes to prepare us for 2024. Please join the army at Us. Sign up for the Asheville Tea Party newsletter too. Starting in January, we have trainings planned to address the issues with the post office, vulnerable voters, absentee ballots, provisional ballots, list maintenance, and machines and technology. Your NCEIT team is already lobbying our state legislators like they did to shut down ERIC. It is the work we do in between elections when we are not poll observing.

Thank you for being a patriot and for caring. The road ahead will be rough but we will win the day. We have to. Our great Republic is worth saving and only WE THE PEOPLE - YOU can do that!

Have a wonderful Christmas. Please stay in touch and I will do the same. Jane Bilello


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