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The War on Gas-Powered Vehicles and Fossil Fuels

The Federal Clean Air Act of 1970: Exploited to Ban Gas-Powered Vehicles and Wage War on Fossil Fuels

The nation finds itself grappling with the unintended consequences of unelected federal regulators evolving into an unbridled, quasi-fourth branch of government. In a twist of fate, Congress inadvertently elevated California to an equal authority as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerning the regulation of vehicular emissions – a fact unbeknownst to most Americans. This elevation, enacted under the Clean Air Act of 1970, has authorized states to choose between following California's more stringent guidelines or adhering to those set by the EPA. This pivotal decision has unwittingly empowered California to wield influence far beyond its borders, shaping emissions standards and policies for a significant portion of the nation.

California, wielding a special privilege granted under Section 177 of the CAA, has emerged as a powerful force, exploiting its authority in ways the legislation never intended. Governor Gavin Newsom's fervent adherence to the Davos Globalist Climate Agenda has propelled California to unanticipated heights, with a ripple effect impacting over one-third of states.

TWO YEARS TO FIRST IMPACT! California state's Advanced Clean Cars II rule requires zero-emission vehicles to represent 35% of new cars and light trucks in lots by 2026, and then 68% by 2030, before reaching 100% in 2035, though drivers will be able to keep their existing gas-powered cars or buy used ones.

This abuse of California's 'cooperative federalism' calls for urgent action. States must prohibit the adoption of California regulations and only recognize EPA guidelines, defending against the perilous influence of Gavin Newsom's policies. With 17 states at high risk of embracing California's radical stance, it is crucial to send a resounding message – advocating for clean air does not equate to endorsing a war on fossil fuels or compromising the freedom to choose our mode of transportation, a fundamental Constitutional right.

Nine states have already adopted California’s radical law including Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Virginia, and Washington while the remaining states of Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, and Washington DC are poised to be next.

With approximately 79% of the nation's energy grid sourced from fossil fuels, the shift to EVs seems like a deceptive shell game. Does the push for EVs genuinely benefit the planet, or is it merely orchestrating a dubious financial reshuffle from the private sector to fossil fuel-powered state-controlled municipalities while claiming the moral high ground?

JOB LOSSES IMMINENT: Tens of thousands of current blue-collar jobs are inevitably on the chopping block, driven by both existing California regulations and the more stringent regulations proposed by the Biden Administration (67% of all auto sales by 2032), underscores the pressing need for immediate intervention.

Together, we hold the power to influence change and halt the devastating trajectory of the war on fossil fuels and gas-powered vehicles. By uniting our voices and ensuring our concerns are heard, we can compel both states and the federal government to reconsider these policies. Let us rally friends and family to join this collective effort, making a resounding statement against measures that compromise our freedom of choice and the energy independence vital to our nation.  

It's time to stand united and advocate for a future that values diverse energy sources and respects our rights.


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