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The Left's Plans to Permanently Corrupt our Elections

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Act for America is one of our NCEIT partners.

The Left is heavily investing in local politics! They have over 160 million dollars ready for deployment towards MEGA PROGRESSIVE candidates this Fall and 2024 General Election.

We have seen the destructive and dangerous results of Soros funded District Attorney’s.

· Soros backed groups have spent over $40 million to elect progressives in the past decade.

· Today 1 in 5 Americans live in a Soros criminal justice system

· Soros owns HALF of America’s largest jurisdictions

We have seen the destructive results of Zuckerbucks flooding battleground states and county election systems, installing unsecured drop boxes which allowed unprecedented ballot harvesting and trafficking, and significantly impacted the outcomes of elections by as much as 30%.

We have seen the destructive results of rogue School Boards, City Mayors, and City Council infecting our cities and our children with outrageous controls, spending, propaganda, and indoctrination.

From cradle to grave, the Left is steeped in understanding of how transformation of a nation happens at the local government level.

And they invest their money and time into local grassroots to impact elections and policy!

Now their eyes are focused on securing Election Clerks! The Left is working very hard to run and elect mega progressive political activists in local district seats. Election Clerks hold a lot of discretionary decision-making power that absolutely impacts outcomes of elections!

Nationally, only 15%-27% of registered voters bother to vote in local elections for Mayor, City Council, Sheriff, District Attorney’s, School Board, and yes, Election Clerks! For the Left, this means no contest because the Left runs for these local seats and their local grassroots army elects them with as little as 40 votes or a few hundred dollars in some cities!!

Those who simply want to vote and be left alone will always lose against those who want to rule AND if we don’t engage, we will NEVER be left alone!

The Left only has a 2-5% radicalized army of robot activist puppets run by an even smaller Marxist Democratic Socialist Cabal at the top. Their greatest weakness is the 95% of Americans who wake up and decide to start representing themselves and take back the nation!

It’s not expensive or difficult for grassroots patriots to overcome this Mega Progressive, Soros/Zuckerbuck 3-talking-point robot activist army!

Our Winning Grassroots Strategy 1) Chapters and Volunteer Teams in Every County 2) ACT in FAITH Chapters in Every Church and State 3) ACT for America Statewide Mobilization Network 4) Growing Grassroots Keyboard and Phone Activists 5) Overcoming Mega Progressive Local Efforts Shaping Policy and Holding Officials Accountable Imagine a tsunami of conservatives washing over the Media, the Fed, our States, and the Leftwing Cabal, until their voice and views become silenced by the roar of conservatives that render them irrelevant! We are the firewall of defense! We are the line that won’t be crossed! We will turn the tide on the ‘Woke and Broke Agenda’ that is destroying our nation and our future!


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