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The dark side of voter canvassing . . .

by Jay Delancy, President

Feb 18, 2022 (Wilmington, NC) We at Voter Integrity Project – NC have learned the hard way about media smear pieces against election integrity work, so we feel the pain of the two women canvassing the voter rolls in Brunswick County, who got smeared in a one-sided “news” story.

We reached out to get the side of the two canvassers being attacked, Michelle and Carolyn, but nobody has responded. That said, we hear there’s a lot more to the story than was reported and recordings from the encounter may be a factor.

Fun Fact: North Carolina is a one-party-consent state, so recording a conversation is legal as long as one of the people talking knows it’s being recorded. While other factors might help exonerate the two canvassers, one person they interviewed, Eliza Sloan, may have dealt a kill shot when she said the canvassers became “inquisitive about how we voted.”

I hope the ladies have competent legal assistance. Canvassing guidelines

As a general rule in canvassing, we never ask a resident who they voted for and it’s a waste of time to ask how people voted (i.e., absentee one-stop, absentee by-mail, or Election Day in-person), since it’s already public information. Instead, we consistently advised canvassers only to confirm who lives at an address and never ask questions about past voting behavior. Besides the civil rights implications, communication research suggests that people tell social lies about stuff like voting, dieting, and whether or not “this dress makes me look fat.”. Apparently, both Mr. and Mrs Sloan voted absentee by-mail. Since THAT’s how “the bulk of voter fraud” happens, according to NC Attorney General, Josh Stein, the canvassers could easily have been concerned that Mr. Sloan was deceased and had been the victim of voter identity theft.

Curiously, instead of calling the Brunswick County Board of Elections, Mrs. Sloan called her local NAACP chapter. We wonder how the television “journalist” got the story tip. Intimidation: The latest dog whistle.

Michelle and Carolyn also have problems because Mrs’ Sloane, told the reporter, “I hope that they will go home and tend to their business, and not intimidate older people. . . .” That I-word is the golden ticket for DOJ prosecutors who are looking to make an example out of anybody they can charge with violating 18 US Code 241. All it takes is for somebody to say the magic words, “she intimidated me.”One of the dirtiest tricks the Left constantly plays on the election integrity movement involves abusing the federal laws that were badly needed in fighting the KKK-Democrat Party oppression of black voters during our nation’s Jim Crow era. Such reforms were critical to North Carolina breaking the stranglehold the KKK-Democrat coalition enjoyed from 1898 to 1965’s Civil Rights Act passage. In fact, just seven years later, the state elected their first Republican Governor since the 1898 Wilmington riots. The savage irony is in how those anti-intimidation Civil Rights tools have now been weaponized to prevent collecting evidence of fraud that might buttress any common sense election law reforms.

On another ironic level, the Garland Justice Department has turned the tables by intimidating any states who might want to investigate some of the more suspicious behavior election officials seem to have committed in 2020. But I digress.

Now, a couple of innocent election integrity activists may soon be spending a great deal of time. . . and legal expenses. . . trying to convince a federal grand jury that they never meant to intimidate anybody.

Not surprisingly, we’re hearing that the Republican Party is urging its members to cease any voter canvassing over fears of getting dragged into the upcoming lawfare. While disappointing, it’s also understandable.

I’ll bet a lot of husbands are having similar discussions with their wives involved in this canvassing effort.

Bottom Line: We believe canvassing is critical to proving our election laws have been abused and that’s why the Left is fighting it so hard. The legal threats being shot at the canvassers are just another sign that they’re over the target. This seems like a perfect time to open the bomb bay doors and show the world what they’ve already found. ###


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