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Sinister Plot in NCGA to Pass Medicaid Expansion. Hold Your NC Legislators Accountable!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Remember the Medicaid Expansion Bill the NC Senate tried to pass in the NC House? It didn't pass in the House but that's not stopping the dishonest powers that be.

This is the sinister plot to get it passed ...

The House leadership ( Tim Moore and Rep John Bell) were all along working with Senate Leader Pro Tempore Phil Berger to get a deal done with Evil Gov Cooper on a Budget deal tied to Medicaid Expansion. Even though the House GOP Caucus voted NOT to go forward, Moore is forcing it anyway - through the Health Committee. The plan is to assign the bill to the Health Committee and line up the votes (working with the Dems). They plan to run the bill in December 2022 (Yes, a special session after the election) so they can more easily get it passed.

Unforgivable! Infuriating!

You wonder why the nation is failing!? The pressure is on. Call Burger, Bell and your NC House Reps and tell them you know of their plot and this will become an election issue in November. The GOP won't hold them accountable. So WE Must!!!

(By the way, they may deny this. It's reliable info from inside source. Put them on notice!)


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