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Script for Callers To Recruit County Coordinators

Dear Caller: Thank you so very much for doing this. You are the lynch pin for our success in recruiting County Coordinators for all 100 NC counties! You rock!

These calls are for those who attended one of our NCEIT Workshop/Summits since February. If you get an answering machine, please mark your spread sheet LM with a time so you can call again at another time to hopefully reach them.

Answering Machine: Hi. This is ______ from the North Carolina Election Integrity Team calling to follow up with you since you attended one of our workshop summits. We want to make sure you have signed up to be a Poll Observer and we want to give you some information about the County Coordinator position in your county. Please call me back at ____________________.

Call Script: Person answers.

Hello, my name is __________ ______________. I am calling to say Thank You from the North Carolina Election Integrity Team – NCEIT – for attending one of our Workshop Summits. We’re here to offer support. We hope you have signed up as a Poll Observer with your local political party. Do you have any questions about how to do that? 1* (Let them answer. If they do need direction, see 1* below.)

If we are to make it Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat, we also need to mobilize all North Carolina counties to get involved in NCEIT. To do that, NCEIT wants to encourage you to consider joining our state NCEIT team of local County Coordinators. We would like to invite you to a short Zoom call that will outline the Tasks of a Local NCEIT County Coordinator. We will show you how to become an NCEIT member so you have additional access to Member Resources and our State Election Integrity Reporting System – SEIRS, our weekly Tuesday statewide call, Poll Observer videos, state statutes, legislation, and more.

Can I send you those links with the day and time of those calls? There are 9 Zoom calls at different days and times for your convenience.

See 2* below.

Get their name and email and county.

Send them the times and links.

Send their info to so I know who’s coming and I can send them an invite.

Also, give them my contact info See 2*


1*: Only a political party can sign you up to be a poll observer. The poll observer names have to be sent to the local Board of Elections 10 days before poll observing. So, get on the list now for early voting and the election. Look up and call your local party (Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party) and ask to be put on a list. It’s that easy. You pick your days, location and time slot. The time slots for poll observers is 4 hours.

(If they want more Poll Observer training, direct them to NCEIT/Member Resources. Scroll down the page to the instructional videos. They have to be a member. Members sign up at Us

2* Days, Times and Links to Zoom Intro for County Coordinators

• Monday, Sept 12th at 4PM here

• Tuesday, Sept 13th at 7PM here

• Wednesday, Sept 14th at 11AM here

• Monday, Sept 19th at 4PM here

• Tuesday, Sept 20th at 12:15PM here

• Wednesday, Sept 21st at 7PM here

• Monday, Sept 26th at 5PM here

• Tuesday, Sept 27th at 7PM here

• Wednesday, Sept 28th at 11AM here

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