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Proof: ERIC Violates Fed Law and NC State Statutes. Steals your personal info.

From ERIC Member Agreement

Exhibit A

Within sixty (60) days of the Certification Date, and at least every sixty (60) days thereafter, the Member shall transmit: (1) all inactive and active voter files (excluding those records that are confidential or protected from disclosure by law), including those fields identified in Exhibit B, and (2) all licensing or identification records contained in the motor vehicles database (excluding those fields unrelated to voter eligibility, such as fields related to an individual’s driving record), including those fields identified in Exhibit B. Under no circumstances shall the Member transmit an individual’s record where the record contains documentation or other information indicating that the individual is a non-citizen of the United States. Should Member believe it has an alternative source of data that is equivalent to or better than the motor vehicle database (“Alternative Data Source”), Member may apply in writing to the Executive Director of ERIC to substitute the Alternative Data Source for motor vehicle data. Such written application shall explain the basis for Member’s assertion that the Alternative Data Source is equivalent or better and why using it will effectively serve the goals of ERIC. If, in the Executive Director’s assessment, the request is reasonable, the Executive Director shall submit the Member’s request to the ERIC Board of Directors (“ERIC Board” or “Board”) for approval. If membership in ERIC is contingent upon a jurisdiction’s ability to use an Alternative Data Source, the jurisdiction may seek approval of a data substitution request in advance of joining ERIC. c. If the Member fails to transmit the required Member Data as described above, ERIC shall not deliver, nor shall the Member receive, any Data or services from ERIC until ERIC receives the required Member Data from the Member. Should Member fail to transmit Member Data in any sixty (60) day period as provided in sub-section b, Member shall, upon written notice from ERIC, have a thirty (30) day grace period in which to provide such Member Data. Should this grace period expire without a transmission to ERIC of Member Data from the Member, the Member shall be automatically removed from membership in accordance with the Bylaws. Member may submit a written appeal to the Executive Director of ERIC for a reasonable extension of the grace period deadline if Member is unable to meet that deadline because of a technical issue or a problem accessing or receiving the Member Data. Whether or not to grant the extension or to proceed to automatic removal shall be in the sole discretion of ERIC’s Executive Director. 3. State Agency Records. The Member shall use its best efforts to transmit, on a regular basis, data relating to individuals that exists in the records of other agencies within its jurisdiction that perform any voter registration functions, including, but not limited to, those required to perform voter registration pursuant to the National Voter Registration Act, 43 U.S.C. 1973gg-5 (“Additional Member Data”). Notwithstanding this section, a state’s failure to transmit Additional Member Data under this section shall not affect the Member’s compliance with this Section or its standing as a member of ERIC.


22 Last updated on March 28, 2014; May 21, 2015; October 28, 2015; December 16, 2016; November 30, 2018; February 3, 2020; June 3, 2022 ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION INFORMATION CENTER, INC. Voter Registration and motor vehicles data fields to be submitted to ERIC by each participating jurisdiction, if collected by the Member State 1. All name fields 2. All address fields 3. Driver’s license or state ID number 4. Last four digits of Social Security number 5. Date of birth 6. Activity dates as defined by the Board of Directors 7. Current record status 8. Affirmative documentation of citizenship 9. The title/type of affirmative documentation of citizenship presented 10. Phone number 11. E-mail address or other electronic contact method


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