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Poll Observers Smart Book

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

You might want to get a head start by downloading this Smart Book! We will be demonstrating this Smart Book at the Regional Summit. It is being uploaded onto But, you can find the links below.

Be armed with the NC State Statutes when you are Poll Observing, actiing as a Judge, or going to your local Board of Elections for their meetings, educating folks, etc. Information at your fingertips. The two links below contain the NC State Election Statutes and a tabbed color index for your information.

Print the pages and place them in a binder to keep with you. (The book is 50 pages.) For the future, NCEIT will put up individual changes to the Statutes as they occur so you can add or replace pages in each section of your book. (I am putting my pages into report protector sheets. They are clear pocket sheets with 3 holes to insert into the binder.)

Please thank Jay Delancy, CEO of Voter Integrity Project and NCEIT Board Member for this incredible work he has compiled.


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