Police Pledge: Signers Nationwide

There were over 229.000 signatures from folks like you who signed the pledge. We gave away boxes of police pledge yard signs right here in NC. We ever ran a security camera raffle and donated the proceeds to the Fraternal Order of Police in Asheville, NC that has been devestated by defunding. The good news is that the loons on the city council figured out that defunding caused crime to increase and officers to leave. They have since increased their budget.

Thank you for supporting our law enforcement. https://heritageaction.com/policepledge They deserve our respect and honor.

Nikki Haley Signs Heritage Action Police Pledge

Press Releases: https://heritageaction.com/press/nikki-haley-signs-heritage-action-police-pledge

Washington—Heritage Action for America today announced Nikki Haley, former U.S. Ambassador to the UN and Governor of South Carolina, has signed Heritage Action’s newly launched Police Pledge. “I am proud to stand with our nation’s law enforcement,” said Haley. “Violence and calls to defund the police do nothing to solve...

Heritage Action Congratulates Police Pledge Signers on Successful Elections

Press Releases: https://heritageaction.com/press/heritage-action-congratulates-police-pledge-signers-on-successful-elections

Washington, DC — Heritage Action for America today released the following statement from Executive Director Jessica Anderson congratulating the candidates and elected officials who signed Heritage Action’s Police Pledge and won their elections. The American people want safety and security in communities across the nation. Over 100 members of Congress...

House Republican Leader Kevin Mccarthy Signs Heritage Action Police Pledge

Press Releases: https://heritageaction.com/press/house-republican-leader-kevin-mccarthy-signs-heritage-action-police-pledge

Washington—Heritage Action for America today announced Representative Kevin McCarthy, House Republican Leader, has signed Heritage Action’s newly launched Police Pledge. “Today and every day I am proud to stand with our men and women in blue who uphold their oath to protect our communities,” said Leader McCarthy. “It is human...

Heritage Action Launches Police Pledge; New Poll Shows 4 Out of 5 Swing State Voters Oppose Defunding Police

Press Releases: https://heritageaction.com/press/heritage-action-launches-police-pledge-new-poll-shows-4-out-of-5-swing-state-voters-oppose-defunding-police

Washington—Heritage Action for America today called on all elected officials to sign its newly launched Police Pledge, a pledge for citizens, lawmakers and candidates to stand with our nation’s law enforcement officers. Heritage Action also announced the results of a new battleground poll revealing overwhelming national support for our police...

Heritage Action Launches Pro-police Billboards

Blog Articles: https://heritageaction.com/blog/heritage-action-launches-pro-police-billboards

Heritage Action has put up SEVEN pro-police billboards in New York City, Atlanta, and Dallas—cities where the “defund the police” movement is taking hold. Executive Director Jessica Anderson joined Fox & Friends on Monday morning to announce the launch. These billboards are grabbing media attention and helping us rally support...

Heritage Action Unveils “No Police, No Peace” Billboards in New York, Dallas, and Atlanta

Press Releases: https://heritageaction.com/press/heritage-action-unveils-no-police-no-peace-billboards-in-new-york-dallas-and-atlanta

Washington—Heritage Action today announced their new “No Police, No Peace” billboards in New York City, Dallas, and Atlanta. Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action, first announced the billboards on Fox & Friends this morning. “Americans want safety, security and a clear vision for how to quell the violence. I...

Heritage Action Sponsors Inaugural Pro-police “Blue Courage” Event

Press Releases: https://heritageaction.com/press/heritage-action-sponsors-inaugural-pro-police-blue-courage-event

Washington, DC—Heritage Action for America today announced its sponsorship of the inaugural Blue Courage one-hour special event, organized by Just The News, to honor our nation’s police officers on Tuesday, October 20th at 8:00PM EST. The event will be broadcast on Real America’s Voice, the Pursuit Channel, and social media.“America...