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Please Attend Hendersonville City Council/DEI/School Board Meetings.

Thank you Cher for sharing this with us and for attending our meeting on 3/27.

As Sheila Franklin shared, it would be good for phone calls or emails to be sent to the City Council, the mayor and to the City Manager about the mural. It is important to speak in a kind but firm tone in why we should not have the Pride flag on a welcome to Hendersonville mural. 

Here are the websites to meetings: I put these on my calendar to remind me when the meetings are… 

Here is the School Board Meeting website and schedule and where to see the agenda… Next meeting is April 8th at 4… which is the eclipse day.  I will be at the Masters in Augusta, GA. 

Here is the website to the City Council meetings and agendas. The next meeting is April 4th at 5:45.  

The next DEI meeting is not until May 14 at 4:30. 

The flag in the suggested mural is EXCLUSIVE not INCLUSIVE. The US Flag represents all of us and needs to replace the 'Pride Flag' that sends the wrong messae and does not represent the good will of Henderson county as a welcome place for all.


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