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Updated: Feb 5, 2023


Those are the principles to which every poll observer and election official must adhere…because those are the principles we want for our elections. We want the elections to be peaceful, lawful, and honest. And that is what OUR volunteers are trained to be as well. But for more than a year, the left and their propaganda megaphones in what used to be known as ‘the media’ have relentlessly ridiculed the Election Integrity Network and our work to build an election integrity infrastructure throughout the nation, comprised of patriotic Americans who want to save our elections. Why is the left doing that? Poll watching is a basic civic duty and the role of the poll watcher / observer is set out in the statutes of virtually every state. In the past week or so, however,the propaganda media and the MSNBC talking heads have become even more hysterical than usual. MSNBC's Wallace Pitches Obama, Christie 'Democracy Commission’ Because GOP 'Destroying Democracy' ( Then, there is CNN…. First on CNN: Election workers to be trained to deal with violence at polls as midterms approach | CNN Politics Not to be outdone, this from USA Today… Election workers fear trouble, boost security as vengeful threats persist after Trump loss (


We don’t know. But we are not going to be intimidated or goaded into negative actions at the polls. Watch our training videos about the legal requirements for poll watchers. It is part of the law.

TAKE ACTION THIS WEEK! When Are YOU Going to Vote? Have You Signed Up to Be a Poll Worker? Have you signed up to be a Poll Watcher?

  • Sign up to be trained and deployed as a poll watcher!

  • Be a VIP: Vote In Person the first-day voting opens in your state.

  • Watch the video below about the legal requirements for being a poll watcher.

What are the Legal Requirements to be a Poll Watcher?

Regulations and Requirements for Poll Watchers

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