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H 1074 Constitutional Amendment/Citizens-Only Voting Passed in NC House

Congratulations! And, Thank You to all of NCEIT's Legislative Action Day particilants on 5.22. H 1074, a Constitutional Amendment/ Citizens Only Vote, drafted on Thursday 5/23, passed the House on 5.24! It's now referred to the Committee on Election Law.

Please contact Election Committee members on Wednesday, 5.29, NCEIT Legislative Action Day for the constitutional amendment and others.




D. Hall; Moore; Bell; Gillespie (Primary)

-  Justification to Require Proof of Citizenship


(NCSenate: S630. A Constitutional Amendment to Provide for Citizens Non-Voting will appear on the ballot in November once the Senate and House pass it. Because it is an amendment to our NC Constitution, it does not need Cooper's signature. This will surely drive many conservatives to the polls. You need to spread the word. We will be having a Legislative Action Day in the near future. In the meantime, you can call the Senators below who are sponsors and supporters of the amendment.

Tweet, call & email your NC representatives.

FYI: Ohio moves to remove noncitizens from voter rolls after amendment passage.


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