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Poll Observers' Reference Links

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

This list will be periodically updated to include more information for Poll Observers to access.


Assistance must be requested §163-166.8

Assisted voters need not to disabled & mandatory scriptNumbered Memo 2016-16

Assistants shall NOTNCAC 08 10B.0107

Interference Law §163-273

Duties of poll workers 08 NCAC 10B .0101

Set-up procedures 08 NCAC 10B .0102

Voting procedures (observers may hear voter names) 08 NCAC 10B.0103

Spoiled ballot procedures 08 NCAC 10B.0104

Observers can have vote totals at precinct 08 NCAC 10B.0105

Chain of custody for supplies 08 NCAC 10B.0106

Curbside affidavits 08 NCAC 10B.0108

Observers make observation "as the observer may desire "§ 163-45(c)

Voting site duties inside polling location 08 NCAC 10B.0109

Observer - warning before ejection & "leaving" abuse 08 NCAC 20.0101

Obs can "ensure the [curbside] voter is not improperly assisted "Numbered Memo 2016-17

Obs allowed access to ensure "zero balance" procedure 08 NCAC 04 .0304

Abs ballot return policies Numbered Memo 2020-23

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Poll Observer_Tips_NCSBE (2)
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