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New York Times Meltdown

CPI Senior Legal Fellow Cleta Mitchell

Asheville Tea:

The New York Times just learned about CPI’s Election Integrity Network and the statewide training conferences we have been leading across the country this year.

And after seeing Cleta Mitchell leading just one Summit meeting, they are in full-out panic mode!

Sunday, they published a 3,500-word expose on our efforts to:

  • Organize volunteers (GASP!),

  • Teach them how elections work (SHUDDER!),

  • Train them to be civil and gracious (HOW DARE WE!), and

  • Show them how to ensure fair elections.


The ridiculous article was the latest in a series of insinuating, dishonest hit pieces against Cleta, CPI, and conservatives. Whenever conservatives act, the media gets scared.

Well… they should be.

For generations, the media, the deep state, and liberal poll workers had exclusive power over election information in this country. The lesson Americans learned in 2020: NEVER AGAIN.

The public wants free and fair elections, and the Election Integrity Network is working every day to ensure we have them.

Liberal pundits are outraged that EIN is teaching activists exactly how the system works and how to prevent it from being corrupted. We teach citizens how to regain control over and confidence in their elections – and the Left calls that “intimidation.”


They know what this is really about. They know the corners they have cut, the games they play with the rules, and with our votes. And we’re putting a stop to it.

We’re going to be holding Election Integrity Summits in numerous states between now and November. But we can’t do it without you.

We need your help to take EIN’s work to the next level. Voting season is in full swing, and the most important mid-term elections of our lives are only MONTHS AWAY!

There is no time to lose – and no organization working harder to protect the integrity of the voting booth and the ballot box than CPI’s Election Integrity Network.

If the liberals at the New York Times are shaking in their boots, you know we’re doing something right!

Thank you for being part of our team and for helping us make CPI the place where conservatives go to win.

Sincerely,Jim DeMint


300 Independence Ave SE

Washington, DC 20003

(202) 742-8988 Tel | (202) 595-0282 Fax


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