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NCEIT Legislative Action Day Thursday, April 6, 2023. Lobby For These Bills

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Voters expect integrity in their elections,

NCEIT’s goal is to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat.

These bills are hot linked to the committees where the bills can be found. Notice, most of them are in the same committee. Click on the links to contact the chair. The sponsors contact info is also hot linked. Please call the chairs and the sponsors to get the bills voted on and out of committee and on to the next. Also, lobby them to sponsor the Poll Observer bill here, Cast Vote Records here

NC Election Integrity Team (NCEIT) through its’ investigations supports these bills proposed by the legislature:

· S 89 - Prohibit Private Money In Elections - Suggested change - revise definition to meet changing Re-ref to Redistricting and Elections.

funding methods Primary Sponsors – Senators P. Newton 300B, Hise 300A, Daniel 627

The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) - a 501(c)3 non-profit organization- gave over $7.2 million of Mark

Zuckerberg's money to the North Carolina State Board of Elections and 31 county elections boards in 2020 in an

attempt to shape and influence the management of our elections.

- The Alliance for Election Excellence granted contracts for 2023 with Brunswick and Forsyth counties in NC and plans to

distribute $80 million to counties in the next five years.

- The Heritage Foundation recommends: No private funding of election officials and government agencies

- Illegal Immigration has increased dramatically across the southern border with immigrants dispersing across the US.

- Non- citizens may be voting in NC elections.

- This bill is consistent with Heritage Foundation standards using juror rolls for identifying non-citizens.

- Extend the time for challenges to absentee ballots to no later than the day prior to the cavass.

- At large poll observers shall be permitted to inspect absentee container return envelopes prior to counting of ballots.

House Primary Sponsors - Representatives Davis 417B, Warren 611, Cleveland 417A, Humphrey 638

Senate Primary Sponsors - Senators Daniel 627, P. Newton 300 B, Hise 300A

- A constitutional amendment was proposed to bring it to a vote of the people.

-Candidates information sometimes comes out late in the campaign and a shorter period would allow consideration of it.

Primary Sponsors - Representatives Warren 611 and Pike 542

- This bill is a short term solution to reducing the early voting days from 17 days to 8 days.

- Eight days appears to provide reasonable access and is cost effective.

-Candidate information sometimes comes out late in the campaign and a shorter period would allow consideration of it

Primary Sponsors - Representatives Davis 417B, Cleveland 417A, Clampitt 633, Humphrey 638

which is inconsistent with state law and this information has been shared with other non-profit organizations.

- Although states were interested in ERIC to clean up their voter rolls, the states are paying for a voter registration drive.

- Colorado, a 10 year user of ERIC, has 62% of its counties with more registered voters than residents.

Primary Sponsors - Representatives Setzer 2204, Moss 306C, Saine 1326, Howard 302

- The time between the close of early voting and counting the ballot does not provide enough time to verify information.

- If information can be verified, the provisional ballot can be counted.

Registration so that information can be verified before the vote is counted.

Primary Sponsors – Representatives Davis 117B, Mills 635, Warren 611, Blackwell 541

NCEIT drafted these bills for consideration by the NC legislature:

· Poll Observers - outlines appointment, access

and permitted activities and also the definition

of the voting enclosure and its’ arrangement.

NCEIT Bill for Cast Vote Records for NC General Assembly

See link to the bill here.

· Paid for by

Election Bills Introduced by NCGA as of 27 March 2023:

--S88 (Election Day Integrity Act)- Support

--S89 (No Private $ in Elections)- Support

--S137 (Const Amendment to Remove Literacy Test)- Neutral

--S226 (Freedom to Vote)- Oppose

--S306 (Fix Our Democracy)- Strongly Oppose!!!

--S349 (Whiz Kids/Slow Pokes Registration)- Strongly Oppose!!!

--H6 (Uniformed Heroes Voting Act)- Support

--H9 (Independent Redistricting Process)-- Oppose

--H44 (Const Amendment to Remove Literacy Test)- Neutral

--H63 (Verify Immigration Status/SAVE)- Support [Not an Elections Bill]

--H82 (Maintain Precinct Voting Data- Official Results Include All Pct Votes)- Support

--H109 (Certain Prohibitions/Working/Voting)- Conditional Support, needs minor language change

--H123 (Constitutional Amendment to Limit Early Voting to 7 Days)- Support

--H191 (Popular Election)- Oppose

--H249 (J6 Riot/Overthrow Government)- Oppose

--H293 (Freedom to Vote)- Oppose

--H303 (Shorten One-Stop Early Voting to 8 days)- Support

--H304 (Election Day Integrity Act)- Support (Changes Proposed)

--H362 (Fix Our Democracy)- Strongly Oppose!!!

--H376 (Little Federal Model for Senate Representation)-Questionable Necessity

--H388 (Increase Threshold- Campaign Cash Contributions)- Strongly Support!!!

--H396 (Repeal Participation in ERIC)

--H485 (Provisional Ballot/Same Day Registration)- Strongly Support!!!


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