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NC HB 103 Chp 26.1 - 3 To Undermine Voter Integrity.

Pages 153 - 154 HB 103

PART XXVI. ELECTIONS (Line 51) General Assembly Of North Carolina Session 2021 Page 154

House Bill 103 H103-PCCS20003-MLxr-9 1 SBE/USE OF HAVA FUNDS


26.1. The State Board of Elections (Board) shall use federal Help (Lind 3) America Vote Act (HAVA) funds appropriated in this act for the 2022-2023 fiscal year for the (Line 4) following purposes:

(Line 5) (1) The maintenance and update of voter lists in coordination with county boards (Line 6) of election. (A function of the NC State Board of Elections!)

(Line 7) (2) The retention and preservation of State election records and papers consistent (Line 8) with the requirements for federal elections as prescribed by Title 52 U.S.C. § 9 20701.

(Line 10) (3) The funding to continue no more than (Line 10) current, full-time information (Line 11) technology positions, including the Chief Information Technology Officer.

(Line 12) (4) A one-time analysis of the State's voter registration data by the Electronic

(Line 13) Registration Information Center, Inc. (ERIC), and a subsequent mailing to

(Line 14) affected individuals by the State Board of Elections to improve the accuracy

(Line 15) of voter registration records.


(Line 18) SECTION 26.3. If the State's continued membership in the Electronic Registration

(Line 19) Information Center (ERIC) requires the State Board of Elections or a local board of elections to

(Line 20) change any of the policies or procedures related to elections in this State, the change in policy or 21 procedure shall not occur unless approved by an act of the General Assembly.

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