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NC Election Integrity Training Starts Again in January, 2023

Updated: Jan 13

Asheville Tea Party as a Board Member of the North Carolina Election Integrity Team, is heavily invested in preventing voter fraud and assuring legitimate election outcomes. It will be the focus of our work.

Well over a thousand of you have attended poll observer training across NC. We had 4 live and 6 Zoom trainings alone in WNC. It's now time to address the other 7 systems of election integrity (task forces) - the work we do in-between elections - and the systems that the left has infiltrated and corrupted because we have been absent. No More!

Every Tuesday and Thursday (starting January 3rd), you can join an online Zoom training from the Election Integrity Network with the Conservative Partnership Institute: Contact Ned Jones for an invite.

Deputy Director, Election Integrity Network

Conservative Partnership Institute


List Maintenance: NCEIT is currently transitioning to new leadership for List Maintenance. We are in the works to create a statewide user friendly platform that all counties can use for List Maintenance. At this time,we are cancelling the List Maintenance training for Henderson and Buncombe counties. We will reschedule List Maintenance training as soon as the new platform is in place. Thank you so very much for supporting election integrity and for your patience. So sorry for any inconvenience.

We will be conducting task force training as scheduled.

Henderson County GOP Office: January 19th List Maintenance training: cancelled

Buncombe County GOP Office: January 25th List Maintenance Training: cancelled

Jane Bilello and Herschel Johnson and Tom Braine will be conducting in-person task force training on the Eight Systems of Election Integrity.