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March 5th: NC Election Integrity Team Summit in Sanford

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

CCNC Mini NCEIT Election Summit

CCNC (Conservative Coalition of North Carolina) Mini NCEIT (North Carolina Election Integrity Team) Election Summit. A MUST attend to become empowered in knowledge about YOUR VOTE & ELECTION INTEGRITY.

About the event

This is the first Training the Trainers summit to assure we are as successful as the 2020 Virginia election. This is the first in a series of trainings in our timeline of events to prepare for election integrity in NC in 2022 and beyond. Be part of the team that builds that permanent election integrity infrastructure.

You are a part of the Election Integrity Movement! CCNC - Conservative Coalition of North Carolina will be hosting this MINI SUMMIT. Learn when to report an incident at the polls. Learn what your rights are as a Poll Observer and developing the strategy to protect our vote as the Virginia Fair Election Team did in their 2020 General Election.

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Want to repeat the success in Virginia, 2020?? Yep, They turned it around. We can do the same. We have plenty of help from premier conservative grassroots groups across the country and in NC. North Carolina is part of an eight state project to duplicate Virginia's 2020 election success. We will not allow the repeat debacle of 2020. We want you to be a part of this exciting history making project!

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