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Illegal Electioneering Inside the Polls in Buncombe

Buncombe County BOE has allowed Electioneering inside the One-Stops during early voting for the bond issue.

Poll workers are handing out information on a bond issue to voters. Our observers reported this legal violation. There are attorneys currently working on this.

Poll Observers: DOCUMENT THIS VIOLATION IN SEIRS WHEN YOU SEE IT AT YOUR PRECINCTS. (We do have documentation during early voting. The more reports, the better.

The violation

§ 163-166.4. Limitation on activity in the voting place and in a buffer zone around it. (a) Buffer Zone. – No person or group of persons shall hinder access, harass others, distribute campaign literature, place political advertising, solicit votes, or otherwise engage in election-related activity in the voting place or in a buffer zone which shall be prescribed by the county board of elections around the voting place.


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