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Huge Win for Election Integrity: North Carolina Republicans Override Democratic Governor’s Veto

We are making national news! Your NCEIT team worked very hard. With your lobbying, poll observers will have more mobility than ever before. Much of what we wanted is over the finish line, but not all of it. Next session, we will be addressing the 'holes.' That's why we need you engaged in the legislative process - Statutory Provisions & Compliance. Your poll observer reports made all of this possible.

The NC State Board of Elections is now the State Board with the new bill S749. The Board will answer to the Secretary of State. taking the Board out of the hands of the Governor and the nameless faceless, unelected bureaucrats. Eight new members will be appointed from the General Assembly.

Did we get everything? No, but we are making real progress. Contact Jane to join one of our Zoom meetings an find out what else is coming up for our continuing efforts that we must have ready by March for the short session. We vet everyone.


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